How to do it ?

1.Over 500M per week .

2.Use fix url and payment way( we will send to you )
3.get 10% bonus
4.delivery per week ( not delivery per order,Because need to verify first)



contact wazgq3#126.com #=@



Country Quantity Char name Email Pay By Bank
UK. 10Mil 3.5 £
UK. 50Mil 17.5 £
UK. 100Mil 34 £
UK. 200Mil 68 £
Country Quantity Char name Email Pay By Bank
EU. 10Mil 4 €
EU. 50Mil 20€
EU. 100Mil 40 €
EU. 200Mil 80€


After you payment , you will get

a page for fillin your char name

and email address ect.we will

meet you in gameas soon as.

Note: we never ask for the

gold back after we delivery

done in game! watch out for

imposters ! Do not give back

gold to anyone in game !

About delivery place,you can

ask us with chat after you

payment done

About payment question,please

check FAQ.and you can also ask

our Manager .wazgq3@126.com

We are online 24/7,if you have

any question ,just let us know.

click "Hlep Live"

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