How can I know this site was safe or legal?

This site belong to Honor Dragon ltd. you can :1 google us . 2 check our company at site of Government 3. just try a small qty for test

Why it says purchase limit exceeded?

That is your mobile got month limited from your operators. you can ask them rise your limit or change a sim to buy

Need How long I can get gold after payment ?

We have delivery within 10mins always after you payment . you can also click "live help " after you made order .

Why my payment Unsuccessful ?

Please check 1.your mobile balance , maybe not enough moneys. 2 .your carrier's problems 3. your got limited from your mobile company

Where I can enter my char name after I made order?

After you payment , you will get a new page for fill in your char name , and there is delivery tip .

Why you says did not got my payment?

After you payment done , your operators will send notice to us . but sometime they maybe has some delay , so , just need waiting . or it s mean your payment unsuccessful !

Why someone ask me for gold back in game?

we never ask for the gold back after we delivery in game! watch out for imposters!

How can I get order ID after I use onebip paid?

You can get order ID from your onebip account . if you used other payment mode , e.g text2pay zaypay , do not need fill in order ID

How do you know it is me who pays and what name you gonna give the gold to?

After you payment done you will get a page for fill in your in game name , and there will show delivery place.

I paid but why sale just given me part of my order ?(with text2pay)

Sometimes your carrier(mobil company) has some delay , we just got party of payment, you can contact http://text2pay.com/contact ,or send email to wazgq3@126.com

Why someone ask back golds after I got golds?

That is Scammer! Do not give back gold to andone after you got ! Include us!

Can I buy huge golds? need some confirm ?

Maybe we need verify it first. after confirm ,we delivery as before.


After you payment , you will get

a page for fillin your char name

and email address ect.we will

meet you in gameas soon as.

Note: we never ask for the

gold back after we delivery

done in game! watch out for

imposters ! Do not give back

gold to anyone in game !

About delivery place,you can

ask us with chat after you

payment done

About payment question,please

check FAQ.and you can also ask

our Manager .wazgq3@126.com

We are online 24/7,if you have

any question ,just let us know.

click "Hlep Live"

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